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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Islamification of Indonesia Under Way

Two recent regional elections in Indonesia have resulted in the PKS, Prosperous Justice Party, winning in West Java and North Sumatra. Both areas are already strong Islamic value territories, so to have the PKS win these provinces is no surprise. More and more Indonesians are becoming fed up with the lack of prosecution of corrupt politicians and government officials and believe that maybe strong Islamic values or even Shariah is the only way to eradicate corruption from Indonesia. They see those from the old standard political parties like Golkar and the PDI-P as doing nothing to improve the standard of living for the Indonesian people and just lining their pockets with corruption money. Indonesians are looking to give fresh faces in newer political parties a chance to prove themselves.

From the Jakarta Post:

The candidate from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and 10 other parties is leading early counts in North Sumatra's first-ever direct gubernatorial election, building party confidence about polls in other provinces and next year's general election.

A quick count on Wednesday by the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) showed Syamsul Arifin, formerly the Langkat regent, and his running mate Gatot Pujo Nugroho leading with 27.67 percent of the vote.

Why do I say the Islamification of Indonesia is under way? The PKS are a strong advocate of Islamic values, stopping short of declaring their want of Shariah Law imposed. They are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Eygpt and are staunch supporters of Abu Bakr Ba'asyir, FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) and other hardline terrorist militia in Indonesia. Watch the shutting down of churches in West Java increase and the persecution of non-Muslims skyrocket in West Java now that the governor will be a hardliner.

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